Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does Oo work?

The Oo air quality sensor is a portable device that operates on a rechargeable battery. The Oo device makes air quality visible by measuring pollutant levels in the air. The device sends measurement data to connected smartphones via Bluetooth and the Oo app displays the air quality from the location where the device measured the air.

Q2. Do I need to download an app to use Oo?

Yes, the Oo device needs to communicate with the app that is running on a user's smartphone. The Oo app can be installed from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) and the device measures air pollutants only when the Oo app is running on the user’s smartphone (nearby).

The Oo device sends the measurement data to the connected smartphone via Bluetooth and by running the app the user will receive measured air quality data from the location of the Oo device. The air quality data is sent to our cloud and in the case of our collaborative relationship with libraries in the City of Helsinki, we share the data with Helsinki University for further analysis as part of the project. Air quality data is also displayed in a map view that can be accessed by downloading the app from the app stores for Android and iOS phones.

Q3. What does PPM mean on the graph in the app?

PPM is a measurement unit that stands for “parts per million.” PPM is often used to describe concentrations of contaminants in the air (as a volume fraction). The Oo app shows measured carbon monoxide level in the air as PPM.

Q4. How often should I load the Oo sensor?

The Oo device will operate for one day (24 hours) with a fully charged battery. The app will show the user when the battery level is running low and it is time to recharge it. The Oo device will not measure air quality when operating at a low level (battery) and may in turn shut down. An Oo device with an empty battery requires charging for a minimum of one hour to fully charge.

Q5. What type of air pollution is the Oo sensor measuring?

The Oo device measures pollutants from the air where the device is in contact with. Currently only the carbon monoxide (CO) level is measured from the air and displayed to the user on the Oo app to view while running on a connected smartphone.

Q6. Is Oo waterproof?

The Oo device is not waterproof and cannot be immersed in water or other fluids nor can the device withstand heavy rainfall. However, the Oo device is splash-proof and therefore designed to withstand external air humidity and some light rain as well.

Q7. What is the operating temperature of Oo?

The operating temperature range for the Oo device is from -20 celsius to 40+ celsius.

Q8. Will the Oo sensor app drain the battery on my phone?

Yes, some battery power is drained by the Oo app when running.

Bluetooth Low Energy technology is used by the Oo device because it is well suited to the long battery life that is common with “always-on” devices. The Oo app and mobile phone use Bluetooth Low Energy technology to transfer measurement data which consumes some of your mobile battery. The Oo app also uses a GPS service from the mobile phone to track the location of the measurements. We are constantly working on getting the power consumption as low as possible.

Q9. How often are air pollution measurements taken?

The Oo device measures air quality only when the app is running on the smartphone and connected to the device. Also, the battery level of the Oo device should not be too low. The device sends measurement data to the app on a smartphone with approximately 1-minute intervals.

Q10. How accurate are the measurements?

Measurement accuracy is -10C - +30C: +-1PPM at low PPM levels. +-2PPM and +-20% at high concentrations.

Q11. How does the air quality map on the library TV monitors work?

The Oo sensor captures data and via an API, data is sent from a mobile phone to the web app’s virtual public map service which is shown on library information boards on their monitors.

Q12. How do you ensure my data privacy?

We follow strict GDPR laws set by EU. Please also read our privacy policy provided in the Oo app under the settings or visit our web page:

Q13. If I have problems, e.g. the Oo sensor or app is not working, who do I inform?

Please use the feedback form in the Oo app under settings or contact us by email -